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FAQs of GST Audit:

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In simple words, GST audit is nothing but the examination of records maintained by a registered dealer.


FAQs of GST Audit:

1. What is the applicability of GST Audit??

Every registered dealer whose aggregate turnover during a financial year exceeds the Rs 2 crore is required to get its account audited.


2. What does aggregate turnover includes??

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Aggregate turnover includes taxable, exempted, export, nil rated including non-gst supplies.


3. Who are eligible to conduct GST Audit??

Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants


4. Whether aggregate turnover includes turnover pertaining to VAT period of April17 to June17??



5. I have HO is Tamilnadu and Branch in other 9 states. In each States I have Rs. 21 lakhs each and total turnover is Rs. 2.1 Crores. Whether I have to file GSTR9C??

Yes, For each State one GSTR9C should be filed.


6. What is the format of GSTR 9C??

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GSTR 9C is divided into 2 parts:

PART A- Reconciliation Statement

PART B- Certification which is drawn up by the person who had conducted the audit.


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PDF Format :

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