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RFID के बिना नही बनेगा E Way Bill, गाडी भेजनी होगी मुशकिल

RFID & E WAY BILL Monitoring Mechanism

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  • RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification Technology”.
  • This technology is being used currently at Toll Plaza, Big Bazar, Shoppers stop etc.
  • In case you try to exit without making the payment of merchandise, the alarms get honked.
  • The same technology will be used for tracking E Way bill and goods movement.



  • It is not possible to check all trucks whether goods are being moved under genuine invoice and E Way bill.
  • RFID will ensure real time checking for ALL VECHILES.
  • RFID tags for e-way bill can be used through loading the information about the consignment which is being carried through the vehicle which already has a RFID.
  • At the time when a vehicle crossing any toll gate the RFID tags will be scanned and information regarding the consignment with precise GST number will be gathered.
  • The collected information will be updated through an online portal and can be used further by any concerned agencies.
  • RFID is also being incorporated in CGST Act so as to make it compulsory in nature for specified categories. Rule 138A and Rule 138B of CGST Rules, 2017.



Following will be required for RFID Tag installation.

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  1. Physical presence of Vehicle
  2. Photo of No. Plate
  3. Registration Certificate of Vehicle, Chassis No.
  4. Owner Details
  5. Mobile No. – which will be updated and linked to RFID



Vehicle No. will be linked with GST portal through RFID.

While generating an e way bill, we need to update vehicle no. and that vehicle no. will be tagged with RFID No.

When material will be on move, camera will scan the RFID and will fetch the data from portal and show the details about how many  E way bills have been generated for this vehicle and there is no need to check each vehicle. Only suspected vehicles will be checked and camera will monitor all vehicles.

It will also track the movement of material, whether actual movement is taking place or not. You can not generate fake bills after RFID implementation because of two reasons:

1.) if a fake e way bill is generated and if vehicle is checked on the way, department will come to know that material is not actually moving.

2.) if way bill is not generated and fake bill was issued, department can ask the details because RFID scanner will provide the movement information and will show that the material has not moved.


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RFID & E WAY BILL Monitoring Mechanism


RFID in Uttar Pradesh

  • Uttar Pradesh has become the first state to implement RFID for tracking of goods movement.
  • U P Govt. vide no letter dated 7th September and 20th September, has made it mandatory that
    • Any commercial Vehicle
    • entering in the state of UP OR
    • Leaving the state of UP
    • Shall necessary obtain RFID Tag AND
    • Get the said RFID Tag embedded on the wind screen of the conveyance and
    • Get it mapped to E Way Bill w.e.f. 01.11.2018

√There are 40 places where the tags will be installed. The cost of RFID implementation is Rs. 100 per tag.

√The list of places is given separately.

√In the event of non installation of RFID, transporters may face following issue.

  • A. Part B of E Way bill may not be generated for goods to be delivered in the state of UP/going outside the state of UP.
  • B. If Part B is not updated, all goods are liable to be confiscated.





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